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Claudia Valdes is a Mexican artist, she graduated from Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki and Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City both, in Masters in arts.

The fusion of cultures has given wealth in the religious beliefs of present Mexico. Nevertheless, some no longer are so evident in its symbolic meaning . The Mexican visual artist Claudia Valdes, resident in Finland, has been inspired by these referring subjects to the Mexican cultural mestization.

Her extended time exposed to Nordic and Asiatic cultures has been a definitive inspiration in the use of subjects, materials and techniques.

Artist statement

The constant use of mixed elements in my work is comparitive from my experience in differnet cultures.

In the last years in which I have lived in Finland, I have been motivated to investigate my cultural roots and the ones from other countries, with which I have found multiple relations in the philosophies that the natives of the world maintain with the nature. Thus, I have extended my vision and reinforced my initial motivations, since these philosophies have diverse points of convergence. For that reason, the intention of my work is to make the art a source to divinize the natural like life as well as the origin of the human being. I´m trying to communicate to the spectator that the nature is part of us, based on the man-nature-spirituality relation, remembering always the ancestral philosophies.